Powerful- compact- user friendly

Properly stirred slurry guarantees uniform distribution of nutrients, that is to say optimum growth and increased yields. Optimum homogenisation of fluid mediums:

  • agriculture
  • biogas plants
  • sewage plants
  • industrial areas


Optimum structural form - high-quality materials

A special design with the motor and propeller shaft lying on the same axis provides high efficiency. An ingenious oil-distribution system ensures optimal lubrication of the mixer at any angle.

  • enormous mixing capability
  • high efficiency
  • for all pit sizes
  • simple installation

Robust planetary reduction gearbox

Bauer mixers have a fluid, elegant and slim structural form thanks to the planetary gearbox. In combination with the large mixer blade and special stirring edges a high degree of efficiency is achieved.

  • enormous stirring force
  • high degree of efficiency
  • for all pit designs
  • easy installation