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The Pro Tankers

Contractors and farmers with high demands for technology and performance will find their individual tanker in the polyester model range. Quality and design, paired with your specific needs, will offer you an economical machine. We will prepare your profile of requirements personally with you. On the basis of this profile, we will manufacture a polyester tank that meets your operational requirements.

Exact quantity control of application rate

With the Bauer-pump tanker it is possible to regulate the application rate via the 3-way valve, the pump speed and driving speed.  Due to the adjustability on the 3-way valve it is possible to regulate the application rate. High discharge pressure of the pump tanker guarantees large working width and a uniform slurry distribution.

Prepared for distribution of the future

BAUER polyester tankers are prepared for mounting distribution systems for slurry distribution near the soil. Besides the mounting spots on the frame, a moveable axle unit is included as standard. This enables keeping the supporting load the same, especially on later additions. By the use of optionally chosen components, like spring fork harrows, sliding shoe distributors or a disc injector can be mounted.

Technology and design

Based on well proven technology our experienced construction engineers design new components and equipment. The BAUER slurry tankers are designed in 3D on CAD and therefore the spare parts supply is guaranteed even after many years. Field tests and load tests make each prototype ready for mass production.

Your confidence is based on our experience.